Welcome The Bright World - Stephen Sewell's Early Classic Returns To Adelaide

At a time of geo-political tension Stephen Sewell’s early classic comes roaring back to the Australian stage for the first time in 35 years as part of State Theatre Company South Australia’s 2018 season beginning September 20, at The Queens Theatre.

1980 Berlin and two prominent Jewish scientists are on the verge of discovering a truth that could change the world.

Max, a mathematician, and Sebastian, a physicist, deliberate their discovery of the final piece of particle in the set of six quarks, thought to be the elementary building blocks of the physical world - but as we know all too well, the truth is flexible.

A journey of ever-growing obsessive pursuits, inescapable for in their family and friends as their plight heads more and more inexorably towards a frightening collision with the power of the communist state.

Emerging director Charles Sanders has brought together a team of faces old and new to tackle this thorny, deeply intelligent piece of Australian writing.

Welcome The Bright World is near-premonitory in its relevance to today’s alarming political climate, and is a sadly neglected play in the cannon of Australia’s greatest dramatist.

‘Stephen Sewell has been responsible for some of the most provocative and electrifying Australian plays of the past twenty-five years’ - Griffith Review

Through State Umbrella the company selects one independent theatre production each year for special attention and support, delivering a refined and objective pursuit combining House of Sand’s signature subversive and visceral style to a seminal canonical text.

Directed by Charles Sanders l production and costume design by Karla Urizar l lighting and AV design by Owen McCarthy l score by Mario Späte with Terence Crawford as Max and Anna Cheney, Lizzy Falkland, Patrick Frost, Max Garcia-Underwood, Georgia Stanley and Roman Vaculik

The Welcome The Bright World Team: http://houseofsand.org/wtbwpeople

House of Sand, in association with State Theatre Company South Australia, presents

Welcome The Bright World

20 Sept - 6 Oct 2018

Queens Theatre, Adelaide

Tickets: www.bass.net.au/events/stc-welcome-the-bright-world

Supporters: Independent Arts Foundation, STCSA’s Umbrella Program for 2018

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