Fleur Green And The Keepers Announce Debut Album, Release New Single 'Nadia' and Launch Show

Alternative pop trio, Fleur Green and The Keepers, today released their new single ‘Nadia’ the first taste of their debut album When The Tide Rushes In. ‘Nadia’ will be launched and officially released on September 30, with a hometown show at the Wheatsheaf Hotel on the same day.

With an intricate instrumental arrangement of bounding sounds varying between sweet and heavy pop melodies, ‘Nadia’ is a percussion-laced ballad weaving between chiming vibraphone, brittle xylophone, heavenly strings and glorious horns.

“Nadia is the name of a friend of mine who I met on set at the Adelaide run of the Opera Australia production of La Boheme. We developed a great friendship after sharing a dressing room. I always loved her name and I based the song on the role she played in the opera – a lady of the night,” Fleur explains.

Inspired by a strong desire to find her own musical identity When The Tide Rushes In takes inspiration from a range of sources including Persian poetry, friends, lovers, internal struggle and triumph. When The Tide Rushes In became a vision from the age of 15 when Fleur wrote her first song ever ‘Cherry Blossom’, the second track on the album. After that Fleur got sidetracked in the world of virtuoso percussion repertoire, but she’s now enjoying returning to songwriting while still using her percussion skills.

The 12-track album touches on themes surrounding mental illness focusing on the humour, light, grace, love and persistence that can come from it.

“I'm a strong supporter of the destigmatisation of mental illness and the creation of artistic work that provides insight into the many facets of having a severe mental illness. Mental health issues are still stigmatized in this country and perhaps they should be revered in some instances. Given the right education and resources, broken brains can create necessary beauty and insight in this world and we need to give people who suffer the resources to do so,” Fleur explains.

Fleur recorded the album at Chapel Lane Studios with producer Tom Barnes (Shaolin Afronauts, Max Savage, Cosmo Thundercats). Although a multi instrumentalist herself, Fleur collaborated with Felicity Freeman and Jarrad Payne who recorded bass, drums, percussion and back up vocals. When The Tide Rushes In features a number of guest artists such as Adelaide Symphony Orchestra tuba player Peter Whish-Wilson, classical guitar virtuoso Alex Tsiboulski, cellist Brihony Taylor and saxophonist Jason McMahon.

Fleur Green and The Keepers Nadia Single Launch – 4pm Saturday, September 30 – The Wheatsheaf Hotel | FREE | Event Info

Upcoming shows | October 20 – The Jade Monkey | ALBUM LAUNCH November 4 – Grace Emily Hotel

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