Tim Whitt Announces The Release Of His New Album Geisel And Debut Of First Single

Adelaide producer and sound designer, Tim Whitt, today released his new single ‘Sleep At Night’ the first taste of his upcoming album Geisel due for release October 13.

A smooth and dynamic electro-pop production, ‘Sleep At Night’ is an unsuspecting dance floor masterpiece that is set to implode clubs across Australia. Nearly a year in the making, ‘Sleep At Night’s’ elementary beats are sampled from a plethora of unusual sources, including a discarded rice cooker lid found on the side of the road and reprogrammed by Whitt into an infectious drum rhythm that marches throughout the albums inaugural track.

“The first single, ‘Sleep at Night’ explores the complexities of modern day relationships and the attempts we make to create meaningful connections with others in a growingly inauthentic world,” Tim Whitt explains.

‘Sleep at Night’s’ Guest vocalist, Sim Jones adds, “In the rush to tell everyone who we are so explicitly with tweets, selfies and massive public statements about the world, it feels as if it's so easy to never really see anyone’s true self.”

Upon completing a Bachelor of Music at The University of Adelaide, and with his portable recorder in hand, Whitt documented the world around him. From the roaring crowd at the 2016 A-League Grand Final, to the everyday sounds of Adelaide’s trams, trains and pedestrian crossings, nothing was off-limits and nothing stayed as it was heard. What entailed is his newest electro-dance album Geisel an epic aural adventure around the South Australian capital.

Geisel was recorded at St Paul’s Creative Centre as part of the Adelaide Music Development Office’s Jon Lemon Artist in Residence Program, where Whitt collaborated with nearly a dozen vocalists and instrumentalists to accompany his instrumental production. Together they wrote about their city, their personal experiences, and how their own reflection on the city they call home carved their personal identity.

To celebrate the release of Geisel, Whitt will be hosting the Geisel City Soundtrack Tour on Saturday, October 14 where guests will be guided to unique locations around the city centre to listen to the album, creating a fully immersive experience. Teaming with local tech start-up Wandering Sound, Whitt will lead the tour using an app that allows listeners to listen to the music only when in select locations across the city.

“Rather than doing the traditional live show, I wanted to guide people to each of the sites and share the creative process behind each of the songs. I’ve always been a real fan of learning all the behind the scenes details about how my favourite songs and albums were made and I wanted to offer this experience with my music,” Whitt explains.

As a sound designer and composer Whitt has worked on international projects for fashion label Valentino, Adelaide’s Tour Down Under, NBA team The Philadelphia 76’ers and the developers of the game Pacman, Namco.

Whitt’s live project Heartache & Drum Breaks was picked up by the Garden Of Unearthly Delights during the Adelaide Fringe’s 2016 Season. As a veteran live performer, Tim Whitt has played at some of Australia's biggest music festivals: Big Day Out, St. Jerome's Laneway, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SPIN OFF and Parklife and supported artists such as: Seth Sentry, Tkay Maidza, Luke Million, Regurgitator and Lindsay Stirling (USA).

Geisel is due for release on October 13

Geisel City Soundtrack Tour – Saturday, October 14 – Head to Timwhittsound.com for more info

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