A digital entertainment and technology event that explores the future of a ‘hybrid world’, where the real and digital worlds collide and ultimately evolve. Spread across three main events - HWA LAB brought together selected start-ups, entrepreneurs and mentors to share ideas and bring them to reality offering  $85,000 in development grants. INteractive events allowed the general public the opportunity to immerse themselves in the future of technology. The core part of the programming, the HWA Tech conference offered over 20 local and international speakers will discuss the impact of technology on our future industries, humanity and more.


To help raise awareness of the upcoming event Against The Grain developed a complete national media campaign, target at three core demographics. First, a more localised campaign working with the public programming of the event, from robot combat tournaments, to ESports and drones racing. The two national campaign were more industry related, one seeking interest from young entrepreneurs to enter the $85,000 Lab and compete for funding and attendance at the HWA conference, including some of the biggest names in international the technology sector. 


Across a five-month period, from announcement until the close of the event, Against The Grain delivered 144 different local, national, and international media items, reaching over more than 4 million people. Onsite we facelifted three press calls, numerous interviews for local and international media, and high-profile identity PR management.


12 King William Road,

Unley, South Australia 5061